5 Ways Raccoons Damage Your Roof

Raccoons are a common roof issue, as they will tear through a roof to nest in the warm attic below. Damage to the roof tends to be concentrated in a few common entry points. 1. Weak Eaves  Eaves can provide an entry spot either through the end caps or via the fascia board that faces outward. Missing, loose, or damaged end caps can easily be torn off by a raccoon. They can also tear through fascia boards, particularly damaged wooden ones. Read More 

Enhancing Your Property With Hardscape Services

Hardscape services can transform your outdoor living space, adding functionality, aesthetic appeal, and value to your property.  There are many hardscaping features that can create a beautiful and inviting outdoor environment. This article will explore some of the best hardscape services available and how they can enhance your property. Patios and Walkways Patios and walkways are some of the most popular hardscaping features, providing a functional and visually appealing space for outdoor living. Read More 

Some Of The Latest Trends In Custom Home Construction

Custom home construction is a rapidly evolving industry, with new trends emerging every year. As homeowners become more discerning and technology advances, custom home builders are constantly looking for ways to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Here are some of the latest trends in custom home construction. Energy Efficiency One of the most significant trends in custom home construction is a focus on energy efficiency. Homeowners are increasingly concerned about reducing their carbon footprint and lowering their utility bills. Read More 

What Ensures A Solid Concrete Foundation For A Building?

Concrete foundations support numerous buildings throughout the world. The materials, however, only do so much of the job of providing a rock-solid foundation. To make a foundation as sturdy as possible, you need to do the following five things. Assess the Soil Soil conditions will significantly affect the quality of any poured concrete. Moisture influences the needed curing time, so you want to be confident about the soil conditions. The density and composition of the soil will affect how well the ground can bear the weight of the foundation and the structure above it. Read More 

4 Steps To Successful Home Hardscape Installations

The best landscape design features a nice collaboration between plants and trees and hardscape features. Hardscape features are the elements of a landscape design like patios, walkways, built-in pergolas, retaining walls, and stone. Hardscape installation is more than simply planting trees and laying mulch—these structural elements can require a bit of careful planning. Take a look at a few important steps when it comes to home hardscape installations.   1. Carefully evaluate the layout of the land Read More