EPDM Roofing Membranes Might Be Better Than Built-Up Roofing For Your Home

If your home has a flat roof and currently has built-up roofing, you may be dreading having a new roof put on. The materials used in a built-up roof are messy to use and have a noxious odor. You probably need to leave your home until the work is done and the odor is gone. Instead of putting up with that, consider switching to rubber, or EPDM, membranes. Here's how this roofing compares to a built-up roof.

You Can Choose A Black Or White Roof

You can choose your color for an EPDM roof. EPDM is traditionally black, but you can get the roofing with a white coating if you prefer. Your choice may depend on the climate and whether you prefer protection from heat or cold temperatures. Black EPDM absorbs heat so it helps your home stay warmer, which is a benefit during the winter.

White EPDM membranes reflect the sun and keep your home cooler. If you prefer the look of stones on your roof as you have now with a built-up roof, then the color won't matter since you can also cover rubber membranes with stones. However, you'll probably want to choose a black membrane since the white coating adds to the cost.

Rubber Roofing Is Flexible And Durable

An EPDM roof is somewhat flexible since it's made from rubber. This helps it absorb impacts so the risk of damage from hail is lower. Also, if a rubber membrane roof is damaged, the damage is easy to find and repair. A built-up roof is covered in rocks, so it's more difficult to find areas of damage and repair them.

Damage to EPDM membranes is repaired with a patch and adhesive. If you don't mind climbing up on your roof, you might be able to repair the rubber membrane yourself and save on maintenance costs over the years.

EPDM Membranes Are Fire Resistant

Another benefit of rubber roofing is that it is manufactured to resist fires. The membranes are made of a few layers, and one of them is a fire-resistant material. This can give you peace of mind if wildfires occur close to your home. Since fires often spread from roof to roof, having a fire-resistant roof is important for protecting the investment in your home.

Rubber Roofing Is Easy To Install

While rubber membranes cost more than built-up roofing, you can save money on installation costs since EPDM membranes are so easy to install. The membranes come on big rolls the roofer can lay out and unroll across the roof. The membranes can be adhered with fasteners or glue. The installation is quick so your disruption is short.

For more information on EPDM roofing options, contact a roofing company such as Robert Laman Jr. Construction.