What Ensures A Solid Concrete Foundation For A Building?

Concrete foundations support numerous buildings throughout the world. The materials, however, only do so much of the job of providing a rock-solid foundation. To make a foundation as sturdy as possible, you need to do the following five things.

Assess the Soil

Soil conditions will significantly affect the quality of any poured concrete. Moisture influences the needed curing time, so you want to be confident about the soil conditions.

The density and composition of the soil will affect how well the ground can bear the weight of the foundation and the structure above it. When working with a concrete foundation services contractor, it's important to lay out all of your engineering requirements. They need to know the total load of the structure so they can assess the soil correctly and deploy the concrete accordingly.


One of the main reasons to use a professional for pouring a foundation is to get the mixture right. Different jobs call for different mixtures. There are scenarios where a dense mixture may be necessary to produce greater strength. Conversely, you might need a more fluid mixture to get the concrete into a less accessible location using a long chute. Professionals know how to assess the needs of a project and target the right mixture for the job.


A foundation's form is almost as important as its materials. Misalignments can lead to building problems in the structure that's going onto the foundation. Also, uneven concrete can be less structurally sound. You want the pour to be as consistent as possible, achieving quality in terms of physical dimensions and the overall fluidity of the materials. Skilled concrete foundation services companies have the experience and resources needed to create top-quality forms to pour the mixture as ideally as possible.


Keeping water away from the foundation will significantly improve its survivability. Fortunately, anyone pouring a foundation already has done most of the work needed to install drainage. In many cases, you can build drainage systems into the floor of the foundation and around the walls. Depending on the surrounding conditions, you may need to install something more extensive like a French drain.


Many projects call for reinforcing the concrete with rebar. This is a metal lattice that provides greater strength than concrete alone. Especially if there are long-term concerns about potential cracking due to local conditions, reinforcement can make a big difference. A professional can determine if reinforcement is necessary and how to deploy it.

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