4 Benefits Of Aerial Drone Surverying

Most landowners eventually need a survey, either to establish the boundaries of a land parcel before purchasing it or to determine where the boundaries of a fence or building should lay. An excellent alternative to a helicopter survey or land survey is an aerial drone survey completed by an experienced drone operator and surveyor. Here are a few of the benefits associated with drone surveying.

1. Provides Accurate Results

The innovations in drone camera technology make it an excellent alternative for establishing land boundaries. A camera with a high pixel density will provide the highest quality images, even during subpar weather conditions. Accurate results are imperative for any survey, as you don't want to spend money building on or developing land that you don't own. 

2. Saves Time Completing the Survey

One reason that drone surveying is a popular alternative is the rapid results. With a drone, it's possible to cover a significantly larger piece of land than you can with other methods. Pre-planned flight routes make the survey even more time-efficient. This helps you get the results back faster and can expedite the project. Instead of having to wait until the weather is cooperative or spend a day traveling to the locale, a drone operator can operate the drone from a safe location so that you have your results within a few hours. 

3. Offers a Cost Effective Solution

When compared to the cost of other survey options, it's usually cheaper to survey a land parcel with a drone than to complete the survey on foot or using a helicopter. While the cost to purchase a high-quality, professional drone is a decent chunk of change, the overhead cost is significantly cheaper when compared to the required investment for a helicopter or a piece of heavy equipment. This ensures that the cost of your survey stays within your budget. 

4. Allows You to Obtain a Survey of Hard-to-Access Locations

Another reason to use a drone for your surveying needs is its ability to survey locations that are otherwise dangerous or time-consuming to access using other methods. The ability to use a pre-planned flight path enables drones to avoid towers, roofs, wind turbines, and other obstacles with ease. There's also less risk to workers who would have to put their health and safety at risk to access potentially dangerous locations using a helicopter or other piece of equipment. Instead, the drone operator can conduct the survey from a safe spot without sacrificing the accuracy of the results. 

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