Do You Really Have To Custom Build A House?

Custom home building is a specific solution to a certain set of problems. There are many cases where you might not need a custom build. However, there are times when customization will either be critical or at least very nice. These 5 scenarios are excellent opportunities to engage a custom home builder.

Weirdly-Shaped Property

Oddly-shaped properties rarely lend themselves to simple solutions. Even if you might be able to fit a standard design into a property, local zoning laws might infringe. If you have to keep the corners so far from the property lines, for example, you may need a custom solution. Even if the property lines aren't weird, there may be topographical issues that force you to customize the structure.

Extreme Structural Requirements

Many standardized plans are meant for specific sets of materials. There is nothing wrong with that in many situations, but it can be problematic if your plans have extreme structural requirements. You may want to integrate steel beams rather than wooden ones, for example. This means changing how the beams attach to both the foundation and the structure. While it affords greater support, it will present some problems that call for custom construction work.

Architectural Oddities

Your plans may also call for some less common architectural elements, too. For example, an arced bay window can pose some interesting custom-home-building challenges. Your team of builders will need to think about how to create the arc and implement it with available materials. The job may even call for custom windows.

People also are increasingly implementing dramatic features in homes. If you'd like something like a copula, for example, that's going to require some custom building.

Large or Small Dimensions

Folks planning large or small houses will frequently need to customize their projects. This is especially true if they're trying to maximize their floor plans. A large house can present issues in terms of getting the sections to make sense together, particularly if you want an open design. Similarly, a small house can pose challenges in terms of fitting in all the necessities.

Unique Rooms

Many types of rooms aren't typical in most basic designs. You may need a custom home builder if you want to construct the home theater room of your dreams, for example. The same goes for large shop spaces, professional-caliber kitchens, and large closets. The more you're trying to achieve a particular ideal version of a space, the more you'll need to consult with a custom home builder.

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