Common Signs Of Septic Tank Drain Field Problems That Require Professional Repair

Septic tanks play a vital role in residential and commercial properties. They help hold and treat wastewater from laundry, bathrooms, and kitchen drains. They consist of a tank and a drain field that digest organic maters and separate solid waste and floatable matter like grease and oil from the wastewater. That helps to neutralize disease-causing pathogens and other pollutants. However, problems with the drain field may make it impossible for the septic to perform its functions properly. It may result in over floors and back-ups, causing toxic sewage, mold, and mildew to infest your home. Therefore it's best to call for professional repair services if you notice any issue. Below are some common indicators of problems with the septic tank drain field. 

Standing Water

The main function of a drain field is to drain wastewater. If you notice signs of standing water, including puddles, sludge, slimy coatings on the grass, or a dry but soggy feeling when walking across the drain field, it indicates problems. Moreover, sudden and quick growth of lush, green grass, and other plants can also be signs of standing water on the drain field's surface. A professional repair company treats water on the ground surface to neutralize pollutants before pumping it away. They also inspect your plumbing system to check if there are broken parts or blockages resulting in problems with water flow. 

Foul Smell

Septic tank drain fields should be free from any odors. An unpleasant smell near the septic area is a sign of drain field problems. That could be due to blockages in the septic system resulting from not pumping your septic tank regularly or disposing of insoluble hygiene products into the tank. A professional repair company checks your septic system to determine whether the blockages have permeated the entire tank or just a section. They will then blow the lines leading to the drain field and conduct a cleanout to remove all the unwanted materials. 

Slow Drains

One of the earliest signs of drain field problems is slow drains in the plumbing system. For instance, if you have to flush the toilet repeatedly to get the waste to exit the bowl or pump your septic tank at an abnormal frequency to clear drains, it could signify drain field problems. Blockages in the drain field cause pressure in the septic tank resulting in slow drains even after regularly pumping your tank. A sewer system expert helps determine the cause of slow drainage and conducts a cleanout of the appropriate area.

Take Away

Signs such as slow drains, foul odors, and standing water indicate problems with your drain field. Consulting for professional septic tank drainfield repair helps know the exact cause of the problem and fix it in time, ensuring a comfortable home environment.