Wood Cabinet Ideas For Farmhouse Style Kitchens

Farmhouse-style kitchens are an increasingly popular theme for many homeowners. The look of a farmhouse-style kitchen can range from a cottage look to a shabby chic farmhouse design. One of the key components of creating the farmhouse look of your dreams is the cabinets. The cabinets need to reflect the kind of look you want. The cabinets need to set the tone for the kitchen. Here are a few of the ideas for wood cabinet styles in a farmhouse kitchen. 

Rustic Style

Rustic farmhouse-style kitchens tend to have a lot of wood and copper or a similar metal accent. The wood tends to be a reclaimed wood style or rustic and rough look. In fact, barn door style wood and fencing motives are ideal for a rustic style farmhouse kitchen. The cabinets in this style will likely be made of wood slats that are positioned in vertical patterns with a crossbar style pattern, similar to those seen on barnyard doors. The idea of the rustic look is to have a kitchen that has the look and feel of an old cabin, cottage, or hunting lodge. Colors that match the rustic theme range from weathered grey and white to dark brown and oak. 

French Farmhouse

If you love the look of the farmhouse style, but also love the look of grey and weathered white colors then French farmhouse cabinets are ideal. The French farmhouse look brings together the light grey, white, and even some colonial blue colors with silver touches. This means the ideal cabinets for the kitchen space should be either grey or white and should have simple silver drawer pulls and cabinet pulls. Lines should be clean as well. There is nothing rustic in this type of design. Everything is made of clean angles and well-finished pieces. You can even incorporate glass cabinet inlays to add to the look of the French-themed farmhouse kitchen. 

Coastal Farmhouse

Coastal farmhouse designs give you a range of options for the cabinets. Many homeowners use driftwood or oak to detail the wood cabinets. The ideas of using coastal items and colors such as sea glass and driftwood are used throughout the cabinets and the kitchen. One design that is increasingly popular with the coastal farmhouse look is to go with slip lap wood cabinets. The handles and pulls should be of a brass color, usually a brushed or warm brass. 

If any of these wood cabinet design ideas pique your interest, contact your local cabinet contractor or cabinet maker. They can discuss the options you find most appealing and help you choose the right ones for your kitchen. They can also measure your kitchen and assess the area to determine if there are any issues or changes that need to be made before the cabinets are installed.