4-Point Guide On Preparing For Septic System Pumping For Homeowners

Depending on factors such as the number of occupants in your home, the type of solids you flush, and the age of your system, you will need to schedule septic pumping more often. This is, of course, a job for qualified septic system pumping experts who have the right equipment. What you can do, is to ensure you are well prepared.

As a homeowner, here is a guide on how to prepare for septic tank pumping.

Locate the Components of Your System

Septic pumping professionals should have no trouble locating your system components. For older systems that are typically buried underground, locating them may take some time. Save the pumping technicians some time by doing the legwork on this one. It may even end up saving you some money as some companies charge a little extra to locate the components.

Looking beyond septic pumping, knowing where each component lies will inform the caution you should take around these components when doing some landscaping.

Clear Away Debris

It is always a great idea to ensure you clear away all debris from your septic system area. Pick up any leaves and tree branches that may have fallen off and rested in this area. You want to avoid having these yard debris falling into the tank when the septic pumping crew removes the tank's lid. The debris may end up causing some damage to your system down the road.

The same applies to any mulch you may have laid around or near your system. Septic system experts often recommend using stones for any landscaping around your septic system as an alternative to mulch.

Clear Away Lawn Furniture

In addition to clearing away debris, you may also want to clear away any lawn furniture ahead of the septic pumping technicians arriving at your property. The crew would certainly do it, but as already mentioned, it would be such a time saver to find everything already cleared away from the area.

Find Your Records

It is vital to keep a record of all types of maintenance and repairs, minor or otherwise, carried out on your system. Have this record handy when the septic system pumping crew arrives. The history will give some insights to the team before they get started and should they hit any snags while at it.

Plan ahead and prepare. With these pointers, you should be more than ready for the next septic system pumping.