4 Benefits of Good Home Insulation

You may have heard that increasing the insulation in your home's walls, floors, ceiling, attic, and even windows can help you reduce your energy bills. But that's not all a well-insulated home can do for you. Here are some of the other benefits you may encounter after improving your home's insulation.

1. Soundproofing

Because sound travels through the air in waves (similarly to how heat waves travel), insulation designed to block heat transfer often helps to insulate against sound as well. Whether you live in a big city, a busy countryside or a subdivision that always has construction going on, insulating your home against sound can be a big benefit.

2. Keeping pests out

Some types of insulation could become bedding and nesting materials for pests, but others can actively help keep pests out. So make sure you work with your contractor to find the best insulation to help you avoid any common pests in your area.

For example, spray foam insulation can help seal up nooks and crannies, which can help exclude many types of bug pests. It's also not an attractive source of food, shelter, or bedding for rodents such as mice.

3. Protecting your roof

Your home is probably designed to have the attic well-ventilated to the outside so that outside air can cool the underside of the roof. This can also help evaporate any moisture that's condensed on the roof's underside. But if the attic isn't insulated properly, a lot of moisture can escape into the attic space from your home's interior, leading to a lot more moisture under the roof. Too much moisture could lead to a mold or rot problem or a termite problem.

Lack of insulation can also be a problem in winter since it can allow heat to warm the underside of the roof and trigger ice dams to form, which may lead to leaks and damage. Talk to your insulation contractors about insulating the attic floor and using a type of insulation such as spray foam to help seal up any attic bypasses. 

4. Reducing the urban heat island effect

Every home in your town, subdivision, or city contributes to the urban heat island effect. The heat that your roof absorbs (and releases into the air later) and the heat that your AC system rejects into the air around your home can both help raise the temperature. Increasing your home's insulation, especially attic insulation, can help you reduce your contribution to the urban heat island effect and help keep your town cooler in summer.

As you can see, the benefits of a well-insulated home are many, and they're not limited to simply having a lower energy bill. So get in touch with a local insulation contractor to discover what types of insulation are available for your home.