Building A Custom Home? Consider The Following Upgrades

Part of the excitement of building a custom home is that you get to decide on all of the project upgrades. Here are a few upgrades that are worth paying for.

Half-Height Bathroom Tiling

When it comes to the walls of your bathroom, standard construction options will include drywall that goes from floor to ceiling. However, a nice upgrade is to include half-height bathroom tiling. This is when the tile will extend halfway up the walls and above your sink and toilet. Half-height bathroom tiling can be a great way to keep your bathroom clean since it is easy to wipe down the walls when they get wet. They are also much easier to sanitize. 

Natural Stone Vanity Tops

A standard bathroom vanity is typically going to come with a basic countertop. Therefore, consider upgrading your bathroom by using the same natural stone material that you use for your kitchen countertops. You'll already have the material purchased as a large slab, and there will likely be extra material that can be used for a bathroom vanity where this upgrade won't cost much more money. 

Wide Kitchen Appliances

If you have the room in your kitchen, it may be worth it to splurge on wide kitchen appliances. Having more burners and more room in your oven will ensure that you never feel like your kitchen is too small for your needs. It will definitely be useful when the time comes to entertain, especially as you may need these wider appliances to do more cooking.

More Kitchen Drawers

Nobody likes bending over to go through a kitchen cupboard. As such, consider upgrading cabinets so that they utilize drawers instead. Being able to pull out a drawer to find exactly what you're looking for is going to make life much easier. 

Undermounted Sinks

Standard options for sinks typically involve having them mounted on top of the countertop, where the lip creates an edge. Unfortunately, having such as edge means debris can become stuck. However, a premium upgrade option will be an undermount sink, which creates no lip and allows you to brush food waste directly into the sink for easy cleanup. 

Higher Ceilings

It's hard to envision what the ceilings will be like in your custom home when looking at a floor plan, but consider having higher ceilings throughout the home. This can make a room feel much more grand, especially on the first floor when you walk into the home. 

To learn more, contact a custom home builder.