Know Your Options When Building A New Home

When you work with a contractor to build a custom home, you are going to be given plenty of options for what goes into it. There are going to be various levels of customization, with standard options and more premium options offered. Here are some of the areas where you'll be given room for customization.


Your finished walls are going to need to be painted, and you'll have many choices for what kind of paint you can apply to the walls. Typically, the more colors you put into the home will result in more premium paint costs. Know that making the ceiling a different color from the walls will likely cost you more as well. This may make you want to pick a more neutral color that you can paint over later on, or plan to use a couple different colors in your home instead of different colors for each room. 


Know that the standard flooring options are going to be for builder-grade carpeting. However, carpeting is something that is easy to replace down the road, and you may be happy with builder-grade carpet knowing that you will replace it later. That said, if you do not want carpet in your home, you'll need to decide on a more premium flooring option. 

Hardwood flooring can be an investment that will definitely add value to your home since natural hardwood flooring can be refinished and stained over the years to change the look. That's why it may be worth making the upgrade to this more premium option rather than laminate flooring.


Your kitchen and bathrooms are an area where you have a lot of upgradable features, including the countertops. Your countertops can potentially last a lifetime, so you'll want to pick a material that you're happy with. You'll likely be keeping those countertops until you do an entire bathroom or kitchen remodel, which will be many years down the road since you're currently working on the building process.


Much like the countertops, cabinetry is part of your kitchen and bathrooms that will last a long time. Pay attention to the quality of the wood and the joints that are used. Tongue and groove joints with solid wood can be a great choice to upgrade your cabinetry since the wood is going to withstand more wear and tear over the years. 

When building a home, it's important to start with the right materials. To learn more, contact a custom home construction service.