How To Help Ensure Your Construction Remodel Goes Smoothly

Having your home extensively remodeled can feel like a dream come true. You probably can't wait to move a few walls, have new flooring installed, or make whatever other major changes are necessary to make your home more in line with your needs. However, there are a few tips you'll want to follow to ensure your extensive remodel goes smoothly.

Let your remodeling contractor choose their subcontractors

Many remodeling contractors rely on subcontractors to take on certain parts of the project. For example, they might pay a plumber to do the plumbing and a drywall expert to place the drywall. Let your remodeling contractor choose the subcontractors they work with. Avoid pushing them to work with a certain plumber or a certain painter, for example. Each remodeling contractor has subcontractors they are used to working with. If you push them to work with someone else, they may not be able to work as efficiently together.

Opt for new materials, when possible

Unless you have a very good reason to reuse various materials, such as flooring or a set of cabinets, just let the contractor use new materials. Having to reuse materials will slow the contractors down considerably. Plus, if they get partway through and realize they can't, in fact, use the old materials as planned, they will then have to order new ones anyway. This will slow your project down even more as you'll have to wait for those new materials to come in.

Share your budget up-front

Tell your remodeling contractor, from the very beginning, how much you can spend. This way, they can make recommendations for materials and designs that fit well within that budget. You don't want to wait to share your budget until you're partway through the project because then there may not be reasonable ways to cut back.

Request changes early

If you wait until the project is underway to request layout or design changes, you may inadvertently create more work for your contractor, slowing down their progress. So, request changes as early on as possible. If you want to change something later on, don't assume your contractor will be able to do it. Instead, ask, "how inconvenient would it be for you to make this change?" Listen to their response, and go from there.

Hopefully, the tips above will serve you well as you work with a contractor to remodel your home. Before long, you'll be living in the house of your dreams. Reach out to a local construction remodeling service, such as Fahey Built Construction, to learn more.